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Outlook - Tasks

Included with Outlook 2007 is another great feature - task management (a "To Do" listing).

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Switch to "Tasks Mode" by clicking the Tasks Tab or selecting Go>Tasks (Ctrl+4).

Task Mode:

  2. Task Mode Tab
  4. Go Tasks

Outlook - New/Add Tasks

Micro manage your day(s) - anything from house chores to daily office tasks. Plan weeks ahead and micro manage your work week adding daily chores hour by hour. Add a new task by clicking the New Button near the top left of your Outlook program or pressing Ctrl+N.

New Task Button:

New Task Button

As you may have guessed, clicking the New button brings up the New Task Form. Set up a task and edit several options related to the task from the inside of this form.

New Task Form:

New Task Form

Schedule a task by naming it and setting a time, also you have the option to set up reminders with a sound file or not. Fill in the fields that work for you.

Outlook - Task View(s)

There are a number of views for you to choose from when viewing your "to do" list. Locate the Current View Tab along the left hand column. Switch the bullet between options to change the task view.

Task View:

Task View

Outlook - Task Options

Change some of the default settings for your task listings by choosing Tools>Options... from the top menu and locating the Task Options Button.


  2. Tools>Options
  4. Task Options Button

Change the coloring or set up a daily reminder of the tasks to be completed.

Task Options:

Task Options

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