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Outlook - Email Accounts

Email accounts must be set up and configured in order to send and receive email through Outlook. Outlook supports several types of email accounts including: POP3, HTTP, Exchange Servers,

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Email Account Types:

Types of Email Accounts

Outlook - POP3 and Exchange Servers

While we're not going to dive deeply into each type of mail server, let's talk briefly about where these might show up. POP3 and Exchange will come up as you develop your own personal web site as a web master. You will probably be managing multiple emails from the same server machine which is what these types of servers handle.

Outlook - HTTP Mail

HTTP or web mail would be the free emails available online. MSN Hotmail accounts were once accessible via HTTP but now requires access to the MSN POP3 servers.

Below is a list of a few specific tutorials demonstrating various ways to set up common email accounts.

Outlook Email Account Set-Up:

Google Gmail

Outlook - Connecting Outlook

Once an email account has been configured you must then tell Outlook to send/receive your email messages by clicking actions>Send/Receive... or press F9. A pop up displays a status report for connected to each email account. Messages that have been received by any of the email accounts will appear in the inbox.



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