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Outlook - Contacts

Outlook provides a wonderful means of listing contacts. Either personal friends, relatives, or business contacts may be entered into your own personal contact list which can be picked apart and sorted to your liking.

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Switch Outlook to "Contact Mode" by clicking on the Contacts Tab. You may also use the nav menu at the top of the screen Go>Contacts or press Ctrl+3.

Contacts Mode:

  2. Contact Tab
  4. Go Contacts

By switching to "Contact Mode" you are now ready to begin managing your contact listings.

Oulook - New/Adding Contacts

As always, the first thing to do is to grab that little black book that you keep around with phone numbers, address, and emails of all your personal contacts and start adding these contacts.

Start the process by clicking the New button near the top left of your program.

New Contact Button:

New Contact Button

This or course, opens up the New Contact Form.

New Contact Form

This form is huge and probably asks you for more information about your contact than you care to know. It's a good thing not every field is required, just a name. Take a moment and note the different options available, eventually you may want to sort your contacts by relation such as "business" or "personal". The form even offers a spot to upload a business card or personal photo of your contact. Fill out the form as you please and press the Save & Close Icon at the top left of the form.

Save & Close:

Save & Close

Feel free and add a few additional contacts at this time - populate that contact listing but don't spend a whole lot of time yet.

Outlook - Contact View(s)

With a few contacts you may now appreciate the built-in views Outlook provides for viewing your contact lists. Along the left hand side of the program lies a tab termed "Current View". Press the arrow to the right of the tab if it hasn't already been expanded and then cycle through a couple of the views and note the changes.

Current View Tab:

Current View Tab

A few small clicks can provide you with phone listings, emails, or even business card listings.

Oulook - Default Contact Options

A few options can be changed regarding your contact listings. Access these options using the menu at the top Tools>Options... Then locate and press the Contact Options Button.

Default Contact Options:

  2. Tools>Options
  4. Contact Options Button

Once inside the options menu, these options are self-explanatory.

Contact Options Menu:

Contact Options Menu

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