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Excel Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the basics of using Microsoft Excel so that you can learn valuable skills for your job, to get a job, or maybe just do that homework assignment!

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What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used to store, sort and efficiently crunch numbers. Accountants use Excel to keep track of transactions for their company. Students might use Excel to help draw conclusions from the data they gathered on a science project.

No matter what you are using Excel for it is important that you have the basic knowledge required to do the everyday operations you will encounter while using this program.

What Should I Already Know?

If you have knowledge of the following actions/ideas then you should be able to follow along with our Excel Tutorial without a problem.

  • Can navigate and use the various menu options in the menu bar
  • Know how to right-click to open up a pop up menu
  • Know how to open, save, and close files
  • Have some free time to learn Excel!

If you need help with any of these problems, please consult a neighborhood teenager to assist you. Now let's get started learning the basics of Excel!

Found Something Wrong in this Lesson?

Report a Bug or Comment on This Lesson - Your input is what keeps Tizag improving with time!

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