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Free MS Excel Viewer

Microsoft software isn't cheap, and Microsoft Excel is no exception. If you only need to view and print Excel documents then don't drop hundreds of dollars on MS software!

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Many people already know about Microsoft's free Excel viewer, but it isn't something they like to advertise. It has been around in some form or another for almost a decade and the recent version is MS Excel Viewer 2003, which is a replacement for all previous iterations.

Download your Free MS Excel Viewer!

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Download your FREE Excel 2003 Viewer from

I Already have Excel. Why is this Useful?

If you already purchased Excel, you can still make use out of this free viewer. Do you have employees in your company who don't work in Excel, but need to view or print it from time to time? Maybe you Excel documents on your company's internet network, but not everyone has their own copy of Excel.

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