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Installing and Purchasing Microsoft Office

If you have not already purchased and installed Microsoft Office (which includes Excel), then you have a few choices to make on how to obtain access to Excel.

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Trying Out Microsoft Excel and Office

If you don't need to have a full version of Microsoft Excel at this very moment, then I would recommend downloading the trial version of Office. Microsoft Office includes Excel and this trial is perfect for following along with Tizag's Excel Tutorial. Microsoft Office can be quite expensive, so it would be best to only purchase it if you are certain that you need it.

Microsoft's Trial is Available from their website. The current trial offer is for Office 2003, which is a 60-day trial.

Which Version of Office?

Depending on your needs, you may be able to purchase a barebones version of Office and save a few bucks. I have had family members who only need Microsoft Word and Excel and were able to find a package deal for these two programs for a fraction of the price of buying a the complete Office suite.

Although 2003 is the most current version of Office when this article was written, if a newer version is is out you should purchase that.

Microsoft also allows you to purchase Excel directly from their website.

Installing Excel

Once you have purchased or downloaded the trial, simply insert the CD (if you bought one) and follow the on screen instructions. If you downloaded the trial then start the installation process by double-clicking the file and following the onscreen instructions. If you have any problems while installing you can Contact Microsoft's Support.

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