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Access Records

With our sales table created we can begin to enter our gathered sales data from Bob's Shoe Store. A record is simply one entry in a table. You enter data into a table from left-to-right and you can only enter one record per row.

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To begin entering records, double-click the table you want to add records to.

  1. Double-click the table tbl_Sales

  2. This brings up the Table Window and you can see that our table contains no data, yet.

  3. Bob's five sales are as follows (note: Bob is currently the only "employee"):
    1. Sneaker - $40
    2. Sneaker - $60
    3. Slipper - $5
    4. Heel - $12
    5. Dress - $150
  4. Enter the information for Bob's first sale as follows:
    • Employee: Bob
    • Product: Sneaker
    • Price: $40
    • SaleNumber: 1

  5. Enter the remaining four sales so that your table looks like:

  6. You're done entering the data! Close the table and get ready for the next lesson!

Adding records is pretty easy and you would hope so because you will probably spend the bulk of your time in Access simply doing data entry into your Access databases.

Having our data in place, we can now begin to do some basic Access Queries to get useful information from our table. The next lesson will give a basic overview of what a query is and how to use them.

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