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Access Forms

Access provides an easy way to enter data into your Access tables with forms. In Access you have the ability to quickly make and customize these data entry forms to streamline the data input process. Learning how to properly create an Access form will save you a great deal of time!

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Using our previous example, imagine that Bob, from Bob's Shoe Store, has recently hired someone to enter all the sales data at the end of each business day. The only problem is this person does not know how to use Access, so Bob needs to make them a custom form in Access! This lesson will guide you through the process of creating a data input form in Access

Creating an Access Form

Although we haven't recommended the various wizards that Access had available in the previous lessons, the form wizard is actually very useful and should save you a bunch of time! Let's create a simple data input form for the new employee!

  1. Navigate to the Forms section in Access

  2. Double-click "Create form by using wizard"
  3. We want all of the fields from tbl_Sales to be included in this form, so first select tbl_Sales from the drop down box "Tables/Queries"

  4. The single right arrow will add one selected field at a time, but we want all the fields. The shortcut to add every field from a given table or query is to click the double arrow button. Do that and click Next.

  5. Choose a Columnar layout and press Next
  6. Choose any style and press Next (we chose "Sumi Painting")
  7. Change the form's title to frm_EmployeeEntry

    and click Finish

Open up your form and check it out!

Entering Data Using Access Forms

Now that the form has been created, Bob just needs to teach his employee how to enter in the data. Lucky for Bob it's as easy as one-two-three and won't take him long to bring his new employee up to speed.

  1. Open up frm_EmployeeEntry (easy!)

  2. At the bottom of the form is a set of arrows to navigate through the records. To get to the end of the existing records and begin entering data you need to click the arrow with an asterisk(*).

  3. Clicking that button will bring you to the first blank record, which would be the sixth in our case. You would then enter all the data for that record and click the right arrow to advance to the next blank record. After all the new records have been entered, close the form and pat yourself on the back.

When you enter data into this form it will automatically add it to our existing tbl_Sales because we specified that table when we created our form. With this form the new employee will be able to enter data into Bob's existing Access table without ever knowing a thing about tables!

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