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Access Charts

Now that you know the basics of Access, you can start to learn the extras that are available to you. Access has a quick and easy chart generator that uses your transforms your existing tables and queries into something visual.

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This lesson will walk you through the process of creating a chart in Access.

Make Sure you have the Query

In the Access Query Lesson we created a query to find the total sales for each type of product. We will be taking this query and making a histogram from it, so if you have not completed that lesson already, please do so.

Finding the Chart Wizard

The chart wizard can be found inside the Reports area of Access. Navigate to the reports are.

The chart wizard can be found by clicking the green New button and selecting Chart Wizard.

Choosing the Right Chart

Our data consists of product types and total sales, so a histogram would probably be the best choice for this data.

  1. With Chart Wizard selected, choose the Query "qry_ProdSales" from the drop down list. This is what our chart will be constructed from.

  2. Click OK
  3. Add both available fields to the chart and click Next.

  4. Select the Bar Chart and press Finish.

  5. Your new chart should look something like this:

  6. Close the chart preview and save your chart as "cht_ProdSales"

This chart doesn't cleary show all the products, so we are going to have to widen it a bit.

Access Charts - Editing a Chart

To make our chart wider we are going to have to edit design view.

  1. Right-click on cht_ProdSales and select Design View
  2. Click once on the graph to select it, you should see black dots around the grave, at the cardinal positions.

  3. Click and drag the right dot so that the chart is now just a little before the vertical line.

  4. Close design view and save the changes.

The chart should now be wide enough to display all the titles of your products. If it still is not getting the job done, try adjusting the size again, or even selecting a different type of graph. To view your chart just double click cht_ProdSales.

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